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Strathcona County

Strathcona County has a responsibility to its citizens to provide open access to the data that it collects and generates on behalf of the County. Since 2014, Strathcona County has made its data available to the public in free and machine-readable formats as part of its Open Data initiative. Open Data provides convenient and free access to all government-held data that does not compromise personal privacy or safety. The Open Data catalog is hosted online in a cloud-based central repository that provides easy access to the data under a liberal license for re-use. This repository is shared and used as a platform for all validated and relevant data. Strathcona County's Open Data Portal was created to increase government transparency and to make government data accessible to residents. The portal provides timely and reliable data in a trusted and consistent manner. The data either be used alone or combined with other data for analysis or to create applications. Additional value can be created through the analysis and usage of this data to create evidence-based decisions and more customized services to the public.


Strathcona County





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