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Being keen to promote the concept of digital knowledge economy, the UAE official Open Data Portal provides enhanced open data systems for public use. The portal reflects the government intention to enhance sustainable communities based on participation and transparency.

The homepage of the portal lists the data sets it includes as follows: economy, education, society, technology , transportation, environment, government, health and infrastructure.

The Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority (FCSA) is responsible for managing and updating this data portal . It supports all UAE institutions and individuals, as well as international partners, across all sectors.

In doing so, The authority adheres to values of commitment and transparency and aims to contribute to the UAE’s progress and prosperity.

The FCSA invites the public to use and benefit from the data sets embedded within its portal. It also welcomes any comments or queries raised by the public and targeted to improve and develop government information and services.

Data is becoming an integral element of knowledge investment. It allows the development of applications, programs and solutions for needs and problems.

Data is a window through which correct resolutions can be made in every aspect of our lives.


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