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December 7, 2020


Powered by Crunchbase

An Organization, in Crunchbase, is a business. That generally means that it can employ People, receive Funding Rounds, launch Products, and have both Competitors and Customers.

Currently, Organizations can be one of the following types:

  • Company
  • Investment Firm / Group
  • School

Organizations can also "belong" to other Organizations. For example, Crunchbase was once a Brand of AOL.

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Additional Information

Geographic coverage Global
Date range 1941 - 2018
Updated 2019
Updated frequency As requested
Keywords Crunchbase, firmographics, startups, sub-organizations


Column title Description Type
Parent Uuid - string
Parent - string
Name - string
Type - string
Roles - string
Short Description - string
Crunchbase Url - string
Status - string
Founded On - date
Domain - string
Twitter Url - string
Facebook Url - string
Linkedin Url - string
Category Group List - string
City - string
Region - string
Country - string

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