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Geology - Coastal Plain Polygons


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May 14, 2022


This spatial data file consists of the sedimentary unit polygons for 22 of the 32 7.5-minute quadrangles on the Raleigh 1:100,000-scale sheet, North Carolina. These twenty-two quadrangles were mapped during the period 1995 - 2003 under the USGS''s STATEMAP Geologic Mapping Program by the North Carolina Geological Survey (NCGS). This polygon digital dataset, compiled through new detailed geologic mapping, represents the general distribution of sediment types and surficial deposits for twenty-two (22) USGS 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles of the Raleigh 1:100,000-scale sheet,covering portions of Wake, Wayne, Wilson, Harnett, Johnston, Nash and Franklin Counties, North Carolina. This file contains original NCGS geologic mapping data generated by compiling detailed field observations and compiled drill hole data at a scale of 1:24,000, during the period September 1995 through June 2003. This polygon database delineates map units that are identified by general age and lithology through standard geologic mapping procedures. These data were mapped at a scale of 1:24,000 and are appropriate for use at this scale and smaller.

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Column title Description Type
geometry - geometry
Objectid 1 - integer
Objectid - integer
Shape Leng - decimal
Geounit - string
Unit Descr - string

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