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2017 Building Energy Benchmarking


Imported on
October 24, 2020


Seattles Building Energy Benchmarking Program (SMC 22.920) requires owners of non-residential and multifamily buildings (20,000 square feet or larger) to track energy performance and annually report to the City of Seattle. Annual benchmarking, reporting and disclosing of building performance are foundational elements of creating more market value for energy efficiency.

Per Ordinance (125000), starting with 2015 energy use performance reporting, the City of Seattle will make the data for all building 20,000 SF and larger available annually. This dataset contains all 2017 buildings required to report.

If you have questions or comments on the data, email us at [email protected] and include Open Data in the subject line.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Osebuildingid - integer
Datayear - integer
Buildingtype - string
Primarypropertytype - string
Propertyname - string
Address - string
City - string
State - string
Zipcode - integer
Taxparcelidentificationnumber - string
Councildistrictcode - integer
Neighborhood - string
Latitude - decimal
Longitude - decimal
Yearbuilt - integer
Numberofbuildings - integer
Numberoffloors - integer
Propertygfatotal - integer
Propertygfaparking - integer
Propertygfabuilding(S) - integer
Listofallpropertyusetypes - string
Largestpropertyusetype - string
Largestpropertyusetypegfa - integer
Secondlargestpropertyusetype - string
Secondlargestpropertyusetypegfa - integer
Thirdlargestpropertyusetype - string
Thirdlargestpropertyusetypegfa - integer
Yearsenergystarcertified - integer
Energystarscore - integer
Siteeui(Kbtu/Sf) - decimal
Siteeuiwn(Kbtu/Sf) - decimal
Sourceeui(Kbtu/Sf) - decimal
Sourceeuiwn(Kbtu/Sf) - decimal
Siteenergyuse(Kbtu) - decimal
Siteenergyusewn(Kbtu) - decimal
Steamuse(Kbtu) - decimal
Electricity(Kwh) - decimal
Electricity(Kbtu) - decimal
Naturalgas(Therms) - decimal
Naturalgas(Kbtu) - decimal
Totalghgemissions - decimal
Ghgemissionsintensity - decimal
Defaultdata - boolean
Compliancestatus - string
Outlier - string

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