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Corporate Directors


Imported on
August 17, 2021


This is a database of directors of corporations registered at the national/federal level in Canada. Information about federal corporations is public information. This includes a corporation’s registered office address, and the names and addresses of its directors. This database does NOT include corporations created under financial legislation (such as financial institutions, insurance companies or loan and trust companies) or those created under provincial/territorial legislation or corporate legislation from another jurisdiction.

Additional Information

Geographic coverage Canada
Government level Federal
Temporal coverage 1833- present
Update frequency Monthly
Source name Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Main Site / Sélection de la langue - Site principal d'Innovation, Sciences et Développement économique Canada Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
Partner data FALSE
Thinkdata refined TRUE
Updated 2021


Column title Description Type
Corporation Number - string
Business Number - string
Corporate Name - string
Alternate Name - string
Active - boolean
Director Name - string
Full Address Source - string
Modified At - date

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