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Benefits Cost Sharing PUF - 2018


Imported on
October 23, 2020


The Benefits and Cost Sharing PUF (BenCS-PUF) is one of the files that make up the Marketplace PUF. The BenCS-PUF contains plan-level data on essential health benefits, coverage limits, and cost sharing for each QHP and SADP. These data either originate from the Plans & Benefits template (i.e., template field), an Excel-based form used by issuers to describe their plans in the QHP/SADP application process, or were generated by CCIIO for use in data processing (i.e., system-generated).

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Businessyear - integer
Statecode - string
Issuerid - integer
Sourcename - string
Importdate - datetime
Standardcomponentid - string
Planid - string
Benefitname - string
Copayinntier1 - string
Copayinntier2 - string
Copayoutofnet - string
Coinsinntier1 - string
Coinsinntier2 - string
Coinsoutofnet - percent
Isehb - boolean
Iscovered - string
Quantlimitonsvc - boolean
Limitqty - integer
Limitunit - string
Exclusions - string
Explanation - string
Ehbvarreason - string
Isexclfrominnmoop - boolean
Isexclfromoonmoop - boolean

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