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Safety Pilot Model Deployment Data


Imported on
October 23, 2020


This data were collected during the Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD). The data sets that these entities will provide include basic safety messages (BSM), vehicle trajectories, and various driver-vehicle interaction data, as well as contextual data that describes the circumstances under which the Model Deployment data was collected. Large portion of the data contained in this environment is obtained from on board vehicle devices and roadside units.

This legacy dataset was created before and is only currently available via the attached file(s). Please contact the dataset owner if there is a need for users to work with this data using the analysis features (online viewing, API, graphing, etc.) and the USDOT will consider modifying the dataset to fully integrate in

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Rxdevice - integer
Fileid - integer
Txdevice - integer
Starttime - integer
Endtime - integer
Value - integer

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