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Parking Services Penalty Charge Notices 2015-16


Imported on
December 6, 2021


This dataset contains transactional penalty charge notice data held in the London Borough of Camden''s parking management system; inclusive of penalty charge notices issued by Civil Enforcement Officers on street and those issued by Civil Enforcement Officers via CCTV. Attribution includes contravention code, ticket type, street, parking restriction, vehicle category and status of case.

Where possible, the approximate location of the PCN has been captured. The ''Spatial Accuracy'' column can be used to determine what level of location has been captured:

Civil Enforcement Officer GPS Location = the GPS location reported by the CEO''s handheld device Fixed CCTV Camera = the location of the CCTV camera, this could be many metres from the vehicle in contravention Unknown = No location has been captured

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Contravention Date - datetime
Contravention In Last 7 Days - boolean
Ticket Type - string
Ticket Description - string
Contravention Code - string
Contravention Code Suffix - string
Contravention Code Description - string
Ticket Issued Via Cctv Camera - boolean
Controlled Parking Zone Area - string
Street - string
Vehicle Category - string
Vehicle Removed - boolean
Status Of Case - string
Charging Band Description - string
Civil Enforcement Officer Error - boolean
Penalty Charge Notice Cancelled - boolean
Penalty Charge Notice Written Off - boolean
Cancellation Reason - string
Foreign Vehicle - boolean
Country Vehicle Registered To - string
Has Appeal - boolean
Formal Representation - boolean
Ward Code - string
Ward Name - string
Easting - integer
Northing - integer
Longitude - decimal
Latitude - decimal
Location - string
Spatial Accuracy - string
Last Uploaded - datetime
Socrata Id - integer

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