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2014 ITS World Congress Connected Vehicle Test Bed Demonstration Vehicle Situation Data


Imported on
October 21, 2020


During the 2014 ITS World Congress a demonstration of the connected vehicle infrastructure in the City of Detroit was conducted. The test site included approximately 14 intersections around Detroits COBO convention center and involved 9 equipped vehicles. The Vehicle Situation Data (VSD) data set includes a series of data files that recorded vehicle situational data that were generated by an equipped vehicle. During the ITS World Congress, VSDs were encoded with one of two schemas. The dataset contains decoded data using both 2.0 and 2.1 ASN.1 schemas.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Schema - integer
Dialogid - string
Seqid - string
Requestid - string
Type - integer
Path Initialposition Utctime Year - integer
Path Initialposition Utctime Month - integer
Path Initialposition Utctime Day - integer
Path Initialposition Utctime Hour - integer
Path Initialposition Utctime Minute - integer
Path Initialposition Utctime Seconds - decimal
Path Initialposition Longitude - decimal
Path Initialposition Latitude - decimal
Path Initialposition Elevation Meters - decimal
Path Itemcnt - integer
Path Crumbdata Pathhistorypointsets 04 - string
Bundle Tempid - string
Bundle Time Year - integer
Bundle Time Month - integer
Bundle Time Day - integer
Bundle Time Hour - integer
Bundle Time Minute - integer
Bundle Time Seconds - decimal
Bundle Pos Longitude - decimal
Bundle Pos Latitude - decimal
Bundle Pos Elevation Long - integer
Bundle Fundamental Speed Meterspersecond - decimal
Bundle Fundamental Speed Transmission - integer
Bundle Fundamental Heading Deg - decimal
Bundle Fundamental Steeringangle Long - integer
Bundle Fundamental Accelset - string
Bundle Fundamental Accel Long - integer
Bundle Fundamental Accel Lat - integer
Bundle Fundamental Accel Vert - integer
Bundle Fundamental Accel Yaw - integer
Bundle Fundamental Brakes Long - integer
Bundle Fundamental Vehsize Width - integer
Bundle Fundamental Vehsize Length - integer
Crc - string

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