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Eutrophication & Hypoxia Map Data Set


Imported on
October 22, 2020


The Interactive Map of Eutrophication & Hypoxia represents 762 coastal areas impacted by eutrophication and/or hypoxia. There are 479 sites identified as experiencing hypoxia, 55 sites that once experienced hypoxia but are now improving, and 228 sites that experience other symptoms of eutrophication, including algal blooms, species loss, and impacts to coral reef assemblages. These data were compiled using a literature search conducted by Dr. Robert Diaz of VIMS and WRI staff.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Id - integer
System - string
Country - text
Lat - decimal
Long - decimal
Decade - integer
Hypoxia Current - text
Benthic - text
Fisheries - text
Comment - text
References - text
Classification - text
Photo Notes - string
Video Link - text
Youtube Id - text
Untitled - text

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