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Disqualified Company Directors


Imported on
August 20, 2021


The Companies House disqualified directors register includes details of directors disqualified by the courts and the Insolvency Service.

It contains:

  • their name
  • their address
  • their date of birth, if available
  • their nationality
  • their last registered address
  • when the disqualification began and ends
  • how many disqualifications they’ve had
  • why they were disqualified
  • names of companies relevant to their disqualification
  • whether they have the court’s permission to continue to act as a director

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Director Name - text
Date Of Birth - date
Nationality - text
Disqualifications - text
Disqualified Date - string
Address Provided - text
Disqualification Start Date - text
Disqualification End Date - string
Case Reference - text
Court - text
Disqualified Acting For - text
Reason - text

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