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Moving Truck Permits


Imported on
January 10, 2022


This dataset is a daily export of all moving truck permits issued by the city. Both the raw data and the interactive map are updated daily with the latest available data.

Please note that not all permit locations in the raw data can be geocoded automatically, and these permits are therefore not included in the interactive map. These permits are still included in the tabular dataset.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Permitnumber - text
Worktype - text
Permittypedescr - text
Description - text
Comments - text
Applicationmethod - text
Applicant City - text
Applicant State - text
Applicant Zip - string
Is Contractor - boolean
Total Fees - integer
Issued Date - datetime
Expiration Date - datetime
Status - text
Occupancytype - string
City - text
State - text
Zip - text
Lat - decimal
Long - decimal

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