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FY 2017 Federal Real Property Profile Data for Civilian Agencies


Imported on
October 22, 2020


An export of data from FRPP, a database of Federal Real Property Profile for Civilian Agencies.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Reporting Agency (Reporting Bureau Excluded) - string
Real Property Unique Identifier - string
Real Property Type - string
Real Property Use - string
Reduce The Footprint - boolean
Legal Interest Indicator - string
Lease Authority Indicator - string
Status Indicator - string
Report Of Excess Submitted Date - string
Report Of Excess Accepted Date - string
Determination To Dispose Date - string
Cannot Currently Be Disposed Date - string
Surplus Declaration Date - string
Outgrant Indicator - boolean
Reason Cannot Currently Be Disposed - string
Historical Status - string
Acres (Land) - string
Square Feet (Buildings) - integer
Square Feet Unit Of Measure - string
Structural Unit (Structures) - string
Unit Of Measure (Structures) - string
Utilization - string
Year Asset Reported Underutilized - integer
Historical Capital Expenditures - integer
Street Address - string
Latitude - decimal
Longitude - decimal
City - string
State - string
Country - string
County - string
Congressional District - integer
Zip Code - integer
Cbsa - string
Disposition Method - string
Disposition Date - string
Actual Sales Price - string
Net Proceeds - string
Sustainability - string
Lease Expiration Date - string
Lease Start Date - string
Is Asset Excluded - boolean
Reason For Exclusion - string
Year Of Asset Construction - integer
Foia Exemption - Shorthand Name - string
Statutory Citation - string

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