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RR Submission Version Data B2(November 2014)


Imported on
October 24, 2020


This table contains all the column names and their description for the RR_SUBMISSION_VERSION_DATA_B2 CSV. This CSV contains the Table B2 data contained in each submitted Part 1 Rate Summary Form.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Rr Submission Version Id - integer
Future Start Date - datetime
Future End Date - datetime
Inp Ovrl Trend - decimal
Inp Proj Pmpm - decimal
Inp Net Claims - decimal
Inp Cost Sharing - decimal
Outp Ovrl Trend - decimal
Outp Proj Pmpm - decimal
Outp Net Claims - decimal
Outp Cost Sharing - decimal
Prof Ovrl Trend - decimal
Prof Proj Pmpm - decimal
Prof Net Claims - decimal
Prof Cost Sharing - decimal
Pres Ovrl Trend - decimal
Pres Proj Pmpm - decimal
Pres Net Claims - decimal
Pres Cost Sharing - decimal
Oth Ovrl Trend - decimal
Oth Proj Pmpm - decimal
Oth Net Claims - decimal
Oth Cost Sharing - decimal
Cap Ovrl Trend - decimal
Cap Proj Pmpm - decimal
Cap Net Claims - decimal
Cap Cost Sharing - decimal
Tot Proj Pmpm - decimal
Tot Net Claims - decimal
Tot Cost Sharing - decimal

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