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Births by mothers’ usual area of residence in the UK


Imported on
August 12, 2019


This dataset has no description.

Additional Information


Column title Description Type
Region Code - string
Country - string
Region Name - string
Local Authority Code - string
Local Authority Name - string
Population Numbers Total Thousands - decimal
Population Numbers Female Thousands - decimal
Population Numbers Females Aged 15 To 44 Thousands - decimal
Total - integer
Total Male - integer
Total Female - integer
Number Within Marriage Or Civil Partnership - integer
Total Outside Marriage Or Civil Partnership - integer
Joint Registrations Same Address - decimal
Joint Registrations Different Address - integer
Sole Registrations - decimal
Crude Birth Rate All Births Per 1000 Population Of All Ages - decimal
General Fertility Rate Gfr All Live Births Per 1 000 Women Aged 15 To 44 - decimal
Total Fertility Rate Tfr 3 - decimal
Percentage Of Live Births Outside Marriage Or Civil Partnership - string
Percentage Of Live Births Under 2 5kg - string
Total Maternity Numbers - integer
Maternity Rate - decimal
Reportingyear - decimal

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