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Canada Proactive Disclosure with resolved amendments


Imported on
September 19, 2021


Historical contracts from 47 individual departments and agencies with all of the amendments resolved to their corresponding original contracts. This data set has updated amendments number, adjusted amendment value and the most relevant contract dates. This data set covers contracts recorded starting in early 2000s.

Access Proactive Disclosure object codes here and guidelines here.

Additional Information

Geographic coverage Canada
Date range 2000 - present
Updated 2021
Update frequency monthly
Keywords government contracts, proactive disclosure


Column title Description Type
Reference Number - string
Amendments - integer
Vendor Name - string
Department - string
Parent Agency - string
Contract Date Earliest - date
Contract Date Latest - date
Contract Beginning - date
Contract End Or Delivery Date - date
Duration In Months - integer
Original Contract Value - decimal
Current Contract Value - decimal
Amendment Value - decimal
Commodity Type - string
Commodity - string
Economic Object Code - integer
Economic Descriptor - string
Economic Category - string
Economic Subcategory - string
Comments - string
Additional Comments - string
Solicitation Procedure - string
Limited Tendering Reason - string
Intellectual Property - string
Potential For Commercial Exploitation - boolean
Procurement Strategy For Aboriginal Business - boolean
Former Public Servant - boolean
Derogation - string
Agreement Type - string
Country Of Origin - string
Document Type Code - string
Document Type - string

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